Real Life, Real Creativity

Real Life, Real Creativity

Join in on a series of Events and Workshops from January 30 – February 21, 2017, Thanks to Joanne! All events held in the “Zocalo” location at 441 Marine Dr. Gibsons, BC

  • Watercolour for Absolute Beginners Level 1
  • Knitting: Socks ..tiny, tiny Socks
  • Water Colour, The Next Step Level 2
  • Wet Felting – Prayer Flags
  • Tapestry Weaving 101
  • Gelli-Arts printing, Collage and Design
  • Chakra Alignment Dance and Bracelet Workshop
  • Free Expressions
  • Big Art

Event and Workshop Schedule:

“Watercolour for Absolute Beginners” Level 1, with Donna Swain

Date: January 30,31, and February 1st, Monday, Tuesday, and  Wednesday

Time: 10-am-3:30pm

Register by email:

Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint with Water Colours?  This workshop is for Absolute beginners with this magic medium.  It will answer the questions that you didn’t know you had. We begin with what tools you need and why.  How to choose your brushes, paper,  and water colours and keep it easy on your pocket book. This course covers all the basic techniques and…what are all the things I wish I could have known when I started.  There are many acrylic artists who can use these techniques as well to widen their skill set.

Plenty of one on one, demonstrations, tips on how you can learn faster by focusing on a few key areas.  And you will get time to practice.  By day three you will be painting images that you can recognize and feel the true joy of process. Bring your lunch and your favourite mug.

Fee: $185.00  $220.00 includes basic supplies for this course (paint palette loaded with 6 W/C pigment, Brushes, and Water Colour Papers)

Watch for Kim Fenton’s course in knitting: “Socks ..tiny, tiny Socks” Date to be confirmed.

“Water Colour, The Next Step” Level 2, with Donna Swain

Date: February 6,7,8, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Time: 10am-3:30
Register by email:

Creative and juicy water colour play, working experimentally with the water colour medium.  How to ease into play and response in getting to know how versatile  Water Colours can be.  We will be introducing mixed media to enhance our images, w/c crayon, Inktense pencils, wax, and inks.  Ideas and starts to keep you painting when you get back to your own creative space. Bring your lunch and your favourite mug.

Fee: $200.00

“Wet Felting – Prayer Flags” with Kim Fenton

Date: Thursday, February 9th
Time: 4pm-8pm

Learn basic we felting techniques by making your own prayer Flags, using the chakra colours or your favourite home or garden. Please bring the following equipment: two plastic bowls or basin large enough to hold water and dip your hand in (like an ice cream bucket), and a mug for your tea.

Fee: $60.00

“Tapestry Weaving 101” with Janna Maria Vallee

Date; Saturday, February 11th
Time: 12pm-5pm

Learn how to weave tapestry on a lap loom in this Tapestry workshop. Students will leave with the a solid understanding of the process of warping up and weaving using multiple techniques like shape building and colour blending.  We will talk about how to choose yarn for your projects as well as finishing techniques and how to troubleshoot tapestry-specific issues.  Students will leave with a good start on a sampler wall hanging in colours of their choosing from a range of naturally dyed yarns made by Janna.

Fee: $100.00 includes take-home loom and yarns.  Please bring your lunch and a mug for tea.

“Gelli-Arts printing, Collage and Design” with Donna Swain

Date: February 13, 14, & 15th – Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Time: 10am-4pm
Register by email:

This course is hugely productive as we will be exploring new ways to make textural Collage with the Gelli-plate. Warning… it is an extremely addictive process.  As we keep expanding choices the work pace gets quickens. You will have an expansive four ft. of expansive table to work on for the full three days. So much easier to enhance your focusing skills and spread out your work. We will be pushing boundaries in basic Design/colour/placement in stretching our current process.  If you love learning and pushing yourself further, this is the course for you. This class has been created for a level 2, if you are an intermediate or even a very very curious creative spirit you will love this challenge.                                                                       Bring your lunch and your favourite mug.

Fee: $220.  Having Gelli-plates/brayers shipped at the best possible price. TBC shipping is as quoted.    Brayer $18.   Gelli plate $25.  

“Chakra Alignment Dance and Bracelet Workshop” with Jan Jensen and Kim Fenton

Date: Thursday, February 16th
Time: 11am-5pm
Register: or

Learn about how colour and movement can affect and strengthen your chakras! Jan will lead us through simple movements to awaken and align these sacred centres, and Kim will show us how to create felted bracelets that we can wear to empower us.  Wear comfortable clothing.  You are also welcome to bring charms, beads, stones or feathers to use to adorn your bracelets although there will be supplies provided.

Fee: $100.00 includes all basic supplies to create your chakra bracelets.

Please bring the following equipment: Two plastic bowls or a basin large enough to hold and dip you hand  in (like an ice cream bucket) and a mug for tea.

“Free Expressions” with Jan Jensen

Date: Friday, February 17
Time: 10am-4pm

This workshop uses a blend of activities in both mixed media and movement to celebrate the creative spirit in all of us.  This dynamic “Playshop” is for anyone who is intrigued by the creative process, those with no experience, and to those who want a new perspective. You will learn how to use movement and body awareness to create a greater flow.

All Materials are provided; participants just need to bring a willingness to explore and be surprised!

Fee: $90.00 Please bring lunch and mug.     

“Big Art” with Donna Swain

Date: February 20, 21, 22, Monday and Tuesday
Time: 10am-4pm and Wednesday 10am-3pm

Big Loose Art- staying loose from the start, using methods to stay this way throughout the painting. Breaking boundaries and using your skills in Colour, shape, placement, and how to unleash expressiveness. Our focus is transitioning from known images to non objective abstraction, and our mediums will include: acrylic, charcoal, crayons, pastels, and water soluble materials.
It’s mixed media on canvas!   Bring your lunch and your favourite mug.

Please ensure you bring your easel.

Fee: $220.00