The Landing Artists

The Landing Artists, were established in 1997. From 1998 till 2016 the Co-op was run out of a Gallery located in Lower Gibsons.

The diverse landscape and unique, quirky character of the Sunshine Coast has long been a draw to artists of all media, resulting in a flourishing arts community. The Landing Gallery was established as a means of promoting the arts and providing these artists with a venue in which to show and sell their art.

When the Gallery closed in 2016, the desire to remain a collaborative group was strong, and the artists now display their works in two pop up shows each year on the coast.

Consistency of quality and variety of media have always been of utmost importance when selecting work. Because we are an artist-run enterprise, we all have a stake in the functioning and operation of the shows.

We strive for personal artistic growth and we are dedicated to professionalism in presentation.

The Landing Artists also maintain a vibrant website and social media presence.


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