Che Kehoe 


Che Kehoe  – Lux Assemblage

I have spent the last 20 years working in industrial plants, as an electrician and fibre optic technician.  I have been inspired by the colossal structures I get to climb. It’s like working in a sculpture park.

My work environment has inspired my passion for collecting shiny, vintage items like cameras, tripods, kitchen appliances, toys, and other quirky materials. I have always been fascinated with lamps and lighting fixtures, especially art deco/vintage style.  I’ve collected and re-wired pieces for years.   I love the shapes, colours, and hardiness of vintage style cameras, tripods, radios, kitchen appliances, and equipment. I merge the two concepts-vintage and light- in my work.

My aim is to create Functional art that will bring sleek into your home and heart. Vintage cameras, typewriters, projectors, and other quirky old items are crafted into FlamboyART lamps and pieces of sculpture. I also design table and floor lamps made from personal items from family heirlooms, so that people have another way to remember their loved ones.

Che Kehoe – Master Electrician and Artist